I interviewed with a buyer a few months back and he told me he didn't feel he needed to hire a Buyer Broker to represent him in order to purchase a home.  We had an interesting discussion and I thought I would share some of our conversation. 

Buyer:   "All homes for sale are listed on the internet, why do I need you?"

"While many homes are listed on the internet, and the internet is a great source of knowledge for my clients, many don't know that public sites are not always up to date.   When a home is conditionally sold, it will appear as available on many sites until all conditions are met.   Therefore, relying on public sites does not always give you the whole picture.    As a Realtor Broker, I keep my clients up to date with the most relevant and timely information. "
"I have access to exclusive homes, that for one reason or another, are not coming on MLS. I have successfully helped my clients buy homes that are not on the open market.   The same access allows me to see properties that will be coming on the MLS System, but are not ready for showings yet. As a result, I can give my clients a heads up and the option of driving by the home first to see if it is of interest before showings even begin." 
Buyer:   "The internet provides all the information I need to learn about the area" 
"True, you can research an area to a point, but you really don’t get a good sence of a neighbourhood or which ones are safe and which ones to avoid until you speak with an Agent that services that area and has firsthand experience.  My area knowledge saves my buyers valuable time by limiting the number of homes they need to see before finding the right one.  Remember, you're not just buying a home you are buying into a community."
Buyer:   "I can hire the listing agent to put in my offer." 

"You certainly can, but if you choose to hire the listing agent, make sure it is someone you trust.  Don’t forget that the listing agent is also working for the Seller and wants to get them the most money possible.  Unfortunately, there have been many RECO complaints and lawsuits when that trust was not present."
 "As your Buyer Broker, I  work solely for you.  I will work diligently to get you the best deal possible .  The price is always important, but other variables need to be negotiated for success.  My goal is that all parties feel the offer was a win-win."
The prospective buyer ended up hiring me and we worked together to find his dream home.  He was not familiar with the area, and he listened to my advice on the local properties.  We looked at two homes together, and I negotiated an accepted agreement of purchase and sale for him.  He is now happily a member of our great community and absolutely loving his home—a win win for all.




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