By: Michael Oles

Hardwood vs. Engineered Flooring


 I have been asked many times over the years, which   should I choose for my renovation project, Engineered   flooring or hardwood flooring? 

Over the next couple of   weeks, I am going to do a series of blogs offering some   insight into the differences between the two and I hope this will help you make an informed decision based on your wants and needs. 

There are many considerations when choosing the right flooring, so where do we begin?

Lets start off by talking about finishes.

Typically, both come in a variety of finishes. All engineered flooring is purchased and installed prefinished typically with an Aluminum Oxide coating in either a satin or glossy finish and similarly, Hardwood floors do as well however you do have an option to install Hardwood flooring unfinished and then sanded and treated with an application of stain and polyurethane afterwards. 

Distressed, wire-brushed and hand-scraped appearances have been the trends lately making it one of my personal favorites as compared to a uniformly sanded neat finish. Wood is not meant to be perfect in its natural state so any blemish on a pristine finished floor can cause a bit of distress to a concerning homeowner. However a blemish on a handscraped or similar surface is easily repaired with the help of a wood filler crayon or sometimes just a quick fill with a Sharpie pen, no one is the wiser!

Consider a satin finish over a glossy finish as glossy tends to show dust, footprints, and scratches more readily, especially if you are a pet owner.   Keep it neutral in the medium tones, a dark stained floor will also show more dust and prints. Think “long term” or “timeless” and consider the resale value of your home, just because a funky color is popular today does not mean it will be 5 years from now when you are ready to call your Real Estate Agent in to resell your home.

Next week: Location plus Maintenance and Durability. 


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