By: Michael Oles

Hardwood vs. Engineered Flooring Part 2


I want to continue this week discussing Engineered flooring vs Hardwood flooring as it pertains to location, as well as maintenance and durability.

The difference between the two flooring products factors into its use and location of where you choose to install your flooring. Genuine hardwood flooring is susceptible to moisture and high humidity and is not a reliable candidate for basement floors or where there is potential for high moisture. Engineered flooring however is comprised of many layers bonded together in different directions making it a more stable platform and an ideal candidate for basement applications.
*Tip* For a basement application I would still suggest installing the engineered flooring over a “Dricore” type of subfloor system. The benefits of a few insulation “R” Values on your feet help keep the environment warm and comfortable. Additionally if a minor foundation leak occurs after floor installation, the air gap encourages airflow and in turn, allows the concrete to breathe rather than trapping moisture.
 Maintenance and Durability
Ask yourselves, how long do we want to live in our current home? If you are planning on staying for a very long time then hardwood flooring may be your preferred choice as it is regarded as a flooring that can last a generation, meaning it can be sanded and refinished numerous times over the years. Whereas an engineered flooring may be sanded and refinished once, possibly twice depending on the thickness of the top layer of veneer.

In both cases, it is important to remember that how well you look after your flooring will factor into how long your flooring will maintain its original beautiful finish and original investment.

*Tip* It is good practice to place felt pads underneath furniture and bed frames to minimize scratches and gouges and to follow the manufacturer suggested floor cleaner to maintain the finish over the lifetime of your floors.
Next week: Cost comparison.



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