By: Lynn Oles



There is a common misconception among buyers that because they are using a Realtor® to help them purchase a home, that they must pay the buying Agent’s brokerage a fee for the service.

From showing you available properties to negotiating an offer, right up to handing you the keys to your new home and beyond, my services to you, the home buyer, are completely free. 

All commissions paid to a Realtor® must go through their brokerage.

Typically, the seller of a property pays the full commission to the listing brokerage who in turn pays a percentage of that commission to the co-operating brokerage. I say typically because a seller selling their home on their own, are doing so usually to avoid paying a fee.  In this case, the buyer may choose to pay their Agent a flat fee or a percentage of the purchase price.  However in most cases, Agents will negotiate with the seller to collect a commission from the seller and will only resort to the buyer paying the commission as a last resort.  Personally, I have never taken any commission from a buyer.

Buying a home is expensive enough, so the fact that the seller is paying the brokerage commissions is a bonus!


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